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Luxury Waterproof & Allergy Pillow Cover - 2 Pack

Luxury Waterproof & Allergy Pillow Cover - 2 Pack

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All-In-One Waterproof and Bug Proof — Zipped Protection 2 Pack

The ProtectEase pillow cover completely encloses your pillow to keep it free of any allergens. The durable waterproof fabric also protects against stains and spills. All-In-One Waterproof with zipped protection. The LUXURY cover is a plush, absorbent jacquard knit fabric with a poly coating that will provide comfortable long-lasting protection. Available sizes are King and Queen/Standard. One pack includes two pillow protectors.

LUXURY Protector Features:

Sleep with peace of mind knowing that your Pillow Cover assists in keeping unwanted guests away. The Premium cover prevents dust & dirt allowing your pillow to remain fresh and clean.

This zippered, fully encasing cover provides exceptional comfort and long lasting protection. It stays in place throughout the night without bunching, sliding, or coming off.

Keep Your Pillows Clean & Fresh - Blocks unwanted guests and pet dander. Ideal for down feather pillows - Stops feathers and quills from poking through.

In the event of an accident, the ProtectEase Luxury Waterproof & Allergy Pillow Cover is machine washable with hot water and tumble dry on low heat. Always include linens and/or towels in the washer & dryer loads for best results.

We made it better so you can feel better. To keep you safe from harmful substances, this product has been independently tested and certified against a list of over 350 harmful chemicals according to strict STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX guidelines.

    IMPORTANT - If your tumble dryer has a faulty thermostat it may be drying on a higher heat without your knowledge. As stated on the sewn-in care label, the product must NOT be dried at temperatures higher than 35°C/95°F as the waterproof film will become damaged causing the product to lose it's protective properties! Wash and tumble dry with like items.

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