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We’ve been in the business since 1987 and I can tell you the ProtectEase mattress encasements really do the trick. Easy to install, quick in and out of infested area, happy customers—problem solved. Great product, great design!

- Donny O. Bug Doctor Pest Control President, PhD Entymologist

My daughter has suffered from Allergies for 10 years and the doctors have her allergy rating at a 5 on a 1-6 scale. We have tried a lot of products over the years and the best product we have used to help alleviate my daughters allergy symptoms is a mattress cover and pillow cover from a company name ProtectEase. Much better sleep and she does not wake in the mornings sneezing her head off. She says she can breath easier and is very pleased with the covers. It is a great product and I highly recommend it!

- Crystal S. Assistant Director Kid’s Korner Childcare Center

Chris, I would like to say I've been selling mattresses for 16 years and have offered a lot of different brands of protectors to my guests, but have not come across any protectors better than the ProtectEase brand. You guys make a wonderful product.

Jeff L. Store Manager, Mattress Outlet

We have young kids in the house and have been dealing with a couple of issues— continual bed-wetting and then also runny noses from allergies. I bought the ProtectEase fitted mattress protector to protect the mattress from nighttime ’accidents’ and then the ProtectEase pillow protectors to combat the allergy sniffles. It worked.

Beth R. Housewife, Mother