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Luxury Waterproof, Allergy & Bed Bug Mattress Protector

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Fully Encasing Mattress Protectors

All-In-One Waterproof  — Zipped Protection

The ProtectEase® Fully Encased mattress protector keeps your free of bed bugs, dust mites, pet mites and allergens. Stain & Spill Protection, Bed Bug and Dust Mite Physical Barrier, and Allergen Protection, Fully Encapsulates Mattress. Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King.



Our LUXURY protector features a top made of densely woven microfiber fabric that offers exceptional comfort and protection. The absorbent surface adds extra protection that helps keep liquids from running off of the mattress onto carpet or flooring.

LUXURY Protector Features:
  • Densely Woven Microfiber Top Fabric with Laminated Poly Coating for Excellent Protection and Comfort
  • Knit Poly Coated Sides & Bottom
  • Premium EZ-Zipper Stays Together
  • Hot Water Wash, Low Heat Tumble Dry


IMPORTANTIf your tumble dryer has a faulty thermostat it may be drying on a higher heat without your knowledge. As stated on the sewn-in care label, the product must NOT be dried at temperatures higher than 35°C/95°F as the waterproof film will become damaged causing the product to lose it's protective properties! Wash and tumble dry with like items.

ProtectEase® Warranty: 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in workmanship or materials only. Warranty limited to the ProtectEase product purchased from an authorized Dealer.

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