For Immediate Release - NexGen™

Huntsville, AL January 20, 2020

NexGen™ – New Fabric Technology to Replace Outdated PVC Bedding Products


Seam Seal International, a leading producer of bedding protection products, has introduced a patented, environmentally conscious mattress protector that takes direct aim at PVC vinyl products lining the bedding aisles at big box retailers.


Called NexGen™, the innovative new product is available at major retail stores with online sales set to launch in spring of 2020.


Besides providing a full range of hypoallergenic protection against dust mites, allergens, stains and spills, NexGen fabric offers an alternative to the PVC vinyl materials typically found in moisture barrier mattress protectors.


“The concerns about PVC vinyl are well-documented, and NexGen gives consumers a healthy choice when they need mattress protection,” said Chris Resha, co-founder at Seam Seal International. “Give retailers credit for being responsive to customer interest in healthier alternatives for this product category."


PVC vinyl is well-known as a toxic and environmentally hazardous material. NexGen provides a cost-effective alternative in this close-to-the-body product category, with long-lasting protection and no toxic odors. 


It also provides a solution to meet California Prop 65 regulations related to toxic chemicals.


In addition to the protection performance and health benefits, the patented, lightweight NexGen material offers a better “hand” without the noisy discomfort of vinyl products. This combination of better health and protection with a quieter, softer material positions NexGen as an obvious disrupter in a category filled with me-too products.




Seam Seal International is a leading OEM producer of protective bedding protects for retail and commercial markets. With headquarters in the US and offices in Europe, Seam Seal continues to develop innovative, patented products designed to protect both the consumer and household sleep products. For more information contact or call 866-615-4179.


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