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ProtectEase® is a major brand of Seam Seal

International (SSI, LLC), which was founded in 1996 by a group of professionals with an extensive background in seam-sealing techniques for complex fabrics. Combining many years of experience with innovations such as our SeamSmart® technology, SSI quickly became recognized as a global leader in seam-sealing tapes and equipment for providing fast, effective solutions to virtually every technical fabric seam-sealing need worldwide.

As a result of SSI’s unique ability for seaming complex barrier fabrics, SSI rose to become a major player in technical protective fabrics, both woven and non-woven, including those ideally suited for the bedding industry.

As an OEM converter, SSI has been instrumental in manufacturing and producing a majority of the Home Bedding, anti-allergen fabrics sold in the U.S. by many of the largest home products retailers.

Today, SSI continues to partner with worldwide convertors to provide a unique and comprehensive range of bedding fabrics, utilizing coated fabrics and protective films such as the NexGen® range of anti-allergen fabrics.

With the ProtectEase® family of products, we are pleased to offer consumers exceptional quality and value in the most advanced protective bedding products available.


  • ProtectEase® — bedding products
  • NexGen™ — bedding fabrics
  • SEAM SEAL® — protective fabric sealing
  • SeamSmart® — fabric sealing technology


Our Locations

S.S.I. is a US based company with its main headquarters located in Guntersville, Alabama. S.S.I. also maintains offices and facilities in the UK, Poland and Tianjin, China, thus allowing S.S.I. to be a leading global convertor to benefit retail customers with the most technically advanced fabrics and Home Bedding products offered at the most competitive pricing in the market today.

S.S.I. US office facility includes Corporate Management, Operations, Sales, & Marketing, Customer service, Warehousing, Prototype R&D and Technical Lab Development.

S.S.I. UK offices located in Newark, Nottinghamshire. UK facility includes Operations, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Prototype Development.

S.S.I. Poland offices located Luzycka, Poland facility includes Operations offices and Warehousing and Distribution.

S.S.I. China office located in Tianjin, China includes Quality Control Management and Testing Lab operations.


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